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Game Party

August 9, 2010

“This game was bought heavily discounted and even then, I felt ripped off.”

Game Party was found heavily discounted at the local store. It looked like a standard party game so it was purchased and checked out. It consists of seven party related games and a multitude of characters to choose from. The seven games are darts, ping cup, trivia, air hockey, shuffle-board, hoop shoot and Skill ball.

Now, let us make some distinctions here about target audiences. Midway have made a really pathetic game here. For any gamer be it casual or hardcore, avoid this title like the plague as it is not worth the money, no matter how cheap you see it for.

Yet, there is an audience for these games. I have found that old people actually like this title because of its simple controls and lack of knowledge about what a good game is supposed to play like. So if you’re old and trying to be hip by playing a Wii, then Game Party is the one for you! It’s cheap, just like games used to cost when you were a little tyke and has a hearty retro feel. You are Midway’s target audience and an insult to the gaming industry (Yes, I’ll admit to being a gaming snob).

The graphics are pretty ordinary bordering on pathetic and don’t stand out much. They are crisper than you’d expect from a previous generation console game, but not by much. Though you can unlock new tables and colour schemes the basic blandness of the graphics really doesn’t make you care when you have unlocked it.

Once again, older clientele prefer the lack of flashy graphics or fast moving items probably because it reminds them of a slower time, when iPods and mobile phones were in trashy science fiction books that only the nerds used to read. When dinosaurs used to roam the land freely.

I really wish I was kidding here but a lot of people come by my place and consequently my Wii and only the really old (like over 50s) gentlemen seem to take notice of this game. No, they don’t want to see Super Smash Brothers or Need For Speed, they like Game Party.

Woeful and inadequate are the two words that best describe the music. I had to go back and listen out for any music because it made such little impact on me that I completely tuned out and didn’t notice it at all. You’d think that with a game based on such little action, the graphics and the music would be especially good to make up for a lack of plot or direction for the game. Sadly, Midway have at least gone with consistency in their lacklustre efforts with this title.

No story to be found here, just seven of the most boring games ever invented and a whole bunch of useless characters that you’ll never use. Disproportionate actually because who cares if you have over 175 characters to choose from when they all play the exact same way and there are only seven game modes.

It really annoyed me because I misread the back of the box and thought I was getting 175 mini games with seven playable characters. Imagine my fury upon discovering the reverse was true. And, lastly why would you not just use Mii’s? Why would you create 175 total players knowing full well that no more than 10 will ever be used? Worst of all, all the characters play the same! They have no differing strengths or weaknesses or anything. They just look different. What a punch in the crotch!

GamePlay and Controls
This should have been the best aspect of the game however it is the most disappointing. The controls are really horrible in some of the games, take shuffle-board for instance, the controls are all through the Wii remote and there is meant to be sensitivity when you push your puck. However every single shot I took curved or moved in a direction I never pushed it into. The same experience was to be had with the hoop shot. You’d think that once you took a shot and it went in, that when you repeated the movement in as close approximation of the original shot, you’d get close to the same result. Well plucky readers, you would be mistaken. Every shot would curve randomly in different directions regardless of how the Wii remote was held. It made no sense and puzzled me.

Maybe my remote was busted? I had to test it out for two weeks on some other games before I could definitely say that it wasn’t the remote and give Game Party another try. But, once again, I found my shots going wild. This time, just to be sure my remote is working correctly I’ll be playing other games for a good year or two before Game Party gets another try. I found this wonky control appear in darts, ping cup, hoop shot, shuffle-board and skill ball (especially so in this mini game). The only two that didn’t seem to have spotty controls were table hockey and trivia because they used the Wii remote’s pointer feature as the control.

There are different game modes for some of the games to increase the variety, but with such horrible and spotty controls, its just dragging out the pain. On the plus side, on certain mini games, game party allows you to share a remote.

The trivia game was a strange addition to the package as it really isn’t much of a party game. But the questions were surprisingly recent and in the time that my friends were playing it they didn’t get a repeat question once. The speed of the game could get a bit annoying with n way to fast forwards the question spinner that took around ten seconds to lock onto a subject. That delay is great the first time, annoying after the tenth.

Unless you’re an old gamer who loves retro gaming, stay away from this title. Give it to your grandparents as a present as they will appreciate it, but for any gamer who is looking for what the Wii can do, this title doesn’t do it. You will see this game reduced to clear, there is a very good reason for that and its best to save your money for a better title. I will even go so far as to tell you to not rent this game!

If you’re looking for a decent alternative, try getting Wii Play that comes with a second remote. It has more mini games and is a damn sight more entertaining and precise with its controls. Another alternative is Wii Sports, which has fewer games, but is so much more refined and slick. Wii Sports puts Game Party into the ground and is probably cheaper.

Midway should be really ashamed of this title as it seems to have been released with the intention of gaining a quick cash in. There is absolutely no substance or style in this game what so ever. I am still puzzled about the fact that older generations of people like this game. It’s really disconcerting because they prefer this game to Wii Sports, which is just plain silly as Wii Sports tramples this game in every conceivable way.


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