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Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

August 9, 2010

“Multiplayer targeted with no emphasis on depth.”

First off, the cover of this game has a massive lie printed on it. It states that there are “over 50 games” inside, but in reality its more like 15. Many of the mini-games are repeated but with different level setups. Not a good way to start off any gaming experience.

The basic premise of the game is that the rabbids are chasing Rayman once again, there is a thunderstorm in the background. Rayman runs into his house and as the rabbids follow him, they get struck by lightning and transported into the television inside the house. They are now trapped in the television and proceed to annoy Rayman with their incessant screaming.

Each day has seven time slots and seven channels. You basically play a week of Raymans life and select the channel you want to watch through each hour of the day. Once a day is completed you get a funny little movie and move on. That’s the entirety of the single player experience.

The games vary from great fun to utterly awful, like pimp my rabbid, which sees you having to dress you rabbid following cues that the game will tell you. You can unlock new items of clothing by attaining higher scores, but it’s a waste of time because that mini-game is utter death. There are a few gems in there too like the cooking show which combines with a tennis channel and a nature documentary. You have to cook a steak, wing it in the air and slam it into a walruses mouth like a tennis serve. That one is pretty awesome to play in multiplayer.

The rabbids are in cartoon format rather than rendered 3d animations which allows them to perform more comical screams and facial expressions. To me, it was a step down graphically because I like the sense of insane menace they managed to convey in 3d rendering, but it all comes down to personal preference.

The graphics for the games are done well and look slick. There is no frame rate slow down at any point, even with 4 players playing at once. All the movies are good to watch and the overall effect is ok. Don’t expect anything earth shattering in the graphics department though.

Sound / music
Lots of rabbid screaming in this game. So much that it begins to grate. The music is pretty bland and unremarkable. Rayman doesn’t appear in any of the mini games, as he is the controller of the rabbits on the TV, so it seems this game is cashing in on the unexpected hit that rabbids have become. However, due to the annoying overuse, I don’t think many people will be rushing out to buy the next one as it inevitably is rushed out.

The controls were really good with very little lock ups or problems. The only time I’ve had any difficulty with the controls is with the dancing component of the game and even here it’s just a matter of experimenting with the moves to see what will net you the best result.

All the control schemes are simple with few buttons to memorise, but this is to be expected in a mini-game compilation. You can also use the balance board from Wii Fit in some games to control your character through obstacles.

The game time required to complete this game is between 2 to 3 hours. That’s a pretty pathetic effort as most of the mini-games are really quick and easy to beat. The only game that requires multiple tries is the moronic “pimp my rabbid” game and that just involves memorising the clothing attributes to match the idiotic descriptions.

There is multiple shooting games, but this time around you aren’t shooting every rabbid, but rather the ones that don’t belong in the selected movie. For example, in the zombie movies, you have to shoot the rabbids dressed as chickens to score points. Shooting actors will penalise you points.

An annoying maze like lotto game is also repeated 5 times which will have you shaking the remote to bounce and moving with the nunchuk. This game gets boring very quickly and the amount of repetitions of this game is a joke.

Mind you some games are worthwhile, like the band playing games. Obviously it’s a rip off from other games, but you get to beat out seven different songs sung out of key by the rabbits, which can be quite fun with 4 players and sound really bad. There is also a dancing game where you’ll have to match the movements of the stick figure on the screen. This is insane to play with friends.

You will find a few niche mini-games here that are really hard on the arms with the constant shaking but are fun when playing against friends. There is a catwalk game where you have to run down a catwalk and be the first in front when a picture gets taken. But the trick lies in stopping just before the picture get taken and it ends up becoming and race of nerves to see who will chicken out first. There should have been more of these types of games included.

There isn’t enough mini-game variety here, not by a long shot. The repetitions of stupid games is an insult. Also there are some mini-games that shouldn’t have even made it into the game because they are so abysmal. Considering the mini-game I’ve bashed incessantly up to this point, it’s not hard to work out which one I’m talking about.

The multiplayer over the internet is non existent. All you can do upload scores to a centralised database. Yawn. Would have been great if I could actually compete against other people in some games.

There are also games that will require you to take turns as only one can play at a time. This is just laziness on the part of the creators, four player split screen was what I had been expecting.

The multiplayer game selection is just useless. If you’re not in the right time slot, you won’t be able to select the game you want until the next multiplayer game. You can’t go back and forth in the time slots and you can’t repeat fun games. This is frustrating when playing multiplayer, I’ve found that when playing with friends we just stick to training mode because you can select any game there and this makes the multiplayer modes redundant.

And finally, ENOUGH with the rabbid screaming. It gets really annoying really fast with overuse.

This game is unpolished, rushed and lacking in content. It’s cashing in on the niche market created by rabbids and because of this blatant profiteering will also kill a series which could have shown much more promise and had a far greater lifespan.

If you see it heavily discounted, by all means get it because it’s a good multiplayer game. However, don’t pay full price for it and certainly don’t expect a single player experience that will last. This game gets annoying really quickly.

If you’re looking for multiplayer experience and a decent single player experience, get Bully Scholarship Edition because it has multiplayer mini-games games (but only for 2 people) which are fun with multiple levels for each, and a huge single player storyline to play through.


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