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Rants about Social Media and Social Networks

August 11, 2010

Social media is a relatively new term. I’ve dabbled in marketing and advertising businesses online and I can honestly say it is one of the most soul sucking, pathetic, bloated and insidious marketing tools out there. It seems any one can call themselves a Social Media guru without any credentials or skill, just a few random blog posts pretty much copied and pasted from other sites will get you recognition.

Now I’m not talking about SEO, because that actually involves skill. But SEO tends to hold hands with Social media Sociopaths because SEO is basically a silly sheep looking for a shepherd.

One of the golden rules of being a successful blogger is to stick with what you’re passionate about and sadly, I’m passionate about being antagonistic, cynical and finding flaws in things. Does this mean I’m a bad person? No, but asking my own questions and answering them patronisingly certainly does.

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