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Clash of the Olympians

September 4, 2010

I really wasn’t expecting much with the title, I figured it would probably be another lame duck shooter. And I’m happy to say I was very much mistaken. The first thing that hit me was that not only was the clear crisp style graphics beautiful and full of bright colours, but also that they meshed well and the animations of the graphics was smooth and offered a polished finish.

This game has more depth than expected and a few failed attempts are required before you’ll get the hang of it. The lack of any indicators as to where you’re aiming initially bothered me, but it offers a unique difficulty by forcing you to become better at the game instead of having all the thinking done for you. This serves the application in the long run even more aptly when the desire to power your player up fully is harnessed, allowing players to come back again and again!

For once, the upgrade system surprised me with the inclusion of some unique and different types of upgrades and more importantly, multiple upgrade paths. This means that at endgame you’ll always end up with a different character, which is a welcome change from the full stat lacklustre finish that most games seem to offer now days.

I grant you that this game wont appeal to everybody, the meta-analysis of motivations of the characters makes me wonder exactly why the protagonist seems hell bent on protecting the temple from the baddies as we are never given any insight as to who the temple belongs to. Furthermore, what is with the old guy, besides a few one liners he doesn’t contribute much to the battle. You’d think if he was so darn hell bent on having his temple protected, he’d do something about it!

I found myself wasting much more time than anticipated on this game, there are still a few bugs to iron out, such as the end animation getting stuck on who I can only assume is Hades. But as flash games go, the standard is indeed very high with this little game. I look forward to the next endeavour of Ironhide Game Studios.

Play Clash of the Olympians now!


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