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Reeelz: Poker machines in an unholy union with card games

September 5, 2010

As though poker machines weren’t addictive enough, now through the magic of genetic cloning or so other such tomfoolery we now get a new breed of poker machine that sucks away at the last vestiges of resistance our feeble bodies have managed to hang on to.

What’s worse, there isn’t even a cash payout at the end.

But, I suppose this is balanced off by the fact that you don’t pay to play, which as poker machines go is a very bad way to generate income.

The decks are a brilliant idea, having to complete all the combinations to move on to the next one means that once I finish a deck, the next one is ready to go, taunting me with its incompleteness.This means that the original ten or so minutes I’d allocated to playing the game turned into an hour or fervent clicking and hoping for the right combinations.

Surprisingly, the strategic element of this game was unexpected. Who can predict that an actual strategy would be needed for a poker machine! But certainly, the depth of this aspect certainly wasn’t influenced by its simplicity. It reminded me of a different version of Doodle God with a more complex system instead of just matching the combinations directly.

I didn’t expect there to be any overall storyline or expectation of continuity, which is a bit of a let down. There is no monetary windfall when you with a game, or complete a deck. It would be good if you could go into a more complex and difficult decks with an advantage from completing previous decks. Maybe some sort of purchasing system for additional tokens if you fail to finish a deck with those that were allocate.

Maybe another idea would be that tokens themselves unlocked certain achievements and secrets and by using them, you start with a disadvantage for the next game. However, after reflection I think this is a pipe dream on my part stemming from my inability to complete the more complex deck combinations.

As with life, we’re always trying our best to make the most out of gambles. This game allows us to cheat to a certain extent by individually moving certain lines. I think this detracts from the overall experience and perhaps should be optionally turned off in the options menu. But can we really do that in life? No we cant! We are born into our lives and dependant on that original outcome, our ability to influence our outcome and surroundings is determined.

So to some extent, this game is a reflection of a perfect existence, in that we are all equally able to influence our outcome and desires by the same metric of worth, tokens. each action we take is standard across the board, it will cost an international billionaire the same amount of tokens to spin the wheels of fortune as it would a homeless man. This is something that doesn’t occur in our world, but here, now, in this platform we can dream it is true.

Thank you for providing this medium of perfection, the only downside being that the return to normality is perhaps tinged by the bitterness of the realisation that this perfection is only and will ever be only illusionary.

Line up your combinations right here.


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