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Treadmillasaurus Rex

September 5, 2010

The discourse of survival that is explored in this experiment is one that resounded firmly in my soul. I could understand the fight against the crushing reality of existence, one that seeks to destroy and stop you at every turn.

However, instead of focusing on the horrible nature of this struggle, the wheel in the background and the party nature of the game reinforced the joy and brilliance of life itself. Sure, we have to run for our lives, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the process!

Though the outcome is inevitable, the game is inspiring, it generates a desire within me to play again and again, not to fight or prevent the inevitable tide of death but instead to get as much party out of my short life span as possible and to get as much out of the event that we can.

In short, this game is a celebration of adversity, of struggle through the medium of joy instead of sadness and loss. If it were within my power, I would give you a score higher than 10 because so few people have managed to grasp such an elusive concept. And furthermore those that do rarely present the discourse in such a medium as flash with any skill or dare I say style.

Furthermore, the game has managed to encompass the variety of our existence. None of us take the same journey through life, each of our life streams face perils and pitfalls that may singularly be similar but collectively put together is nothing short of unique. What this means for game play is that no two games you play will ever be the same. Each time you step up to the challenge, you’ll be experiencing something new, something never before encountered.

This game has managed to do the rarest of things and achieve so much, as so dear Sir, I take my hat off and thank the creators of this game gladly for giving life to the smile and goofy grin that my ravaged visage now purports.

To enter the discourse of exercise versus survival, click here.


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