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To-Suta: OMG! LazORS and SeIzureS filled with WTF!ness!!

October 1, 2010

It’s Friday before a long weekend. I’ve finished work and am waiting for my class to start. I know I’ve had too much coffee when I encounter this crazy game. You are a flying toaster with wings, yeah that’s right, wings! And get this, you freaking shoot rainbows out of your mouth! That’s right, this shit just got officially insane y’all!

So the shaking of my hands after playing this game indicates a few things:

  • I like this game
  • I’ve had too much coffee
  • I am potentially stroking out

For some strange reason this game really speaks to me. I guess it’s a regression of the Flash paradigm in a throw-back to the pre-2000 years when flash was just starting out. This game isn’t technically that demanding, you just move around and kill stuff with your rainbows. Who knew I’d ever use a sentence like that LITERALLY.

This is why the game is filled with unbelievable amounts of awesome.

You can get really hyped up over this game and not feel at all self-conscious because the nature of the game warrants it. Another fine example of this game is Robot Dinosaurs That Shoot Beams When They Roar, arguably one of the greatest game names EVER! Also, if you’ve played it all the way through you’d know how freaking funny it is. Robot Dinosaurs is one of my all time favourite games OF ALL TIME!

Which reminds me of another reason why these sorts of games unquestionably kick ass, the frenetic USE OF CAPS LOCK RAGE!!!! You can also lump multiple exclamation marks into that mix for good measure.

These sorts of games have an energy about them that is infectious. Regardless of the camp value, they have an almost in-crowd joke essence to it because either you get it or you don’t. There is no middle ground as you can’t just half-get it. That would make no sense.

To return to the main topic let’s just focus on To-Suta and see what may be going on behind the scenes. The music on the title screen for some strange reason reminded me of Samurai Champloo, a cartoon about a fictional (and way more epic) history of Japan. But sadly, this isn’t about an alternate history, instead it’s about longing and frustration, about time and about discontent.

In short, it’s about toast.

There isn’t any!Perhaps that’s what To-Suta is searching for? Or perhaps its meaning in his insane existence? And really, what’s with the random enemies? They’re all baseballs with lumps on their heads. A select few also have bandages. I suspect the creator was smoking crack while designing this game. But whatever, it works for me!

Oh, interesting side note, while trying to die in order to garner more meaning from the discourse of the game, I managed to get to level 4. That by itself isn’t crazy, but when you factor in that I got to level 5 while actually trying to play the game, I’m all like WTF?! What’s wrong with my gaming skillz!

Anyway, go play To-Suta here and enjoy the Friday craziness! Wooo LONG FREAKING WEEKEND!

PS: In retrospect of reading this post, I realise it doesn’t make much sense and pretty much reads like an abortion, too bad. It’s Friday, my class has started and I have to pay attention now and be studious.


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