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Velocity: a melody game in space

October 4, 2010

So, the first thing I noticed about this game was the discourse occurring in the background. Apparently Earth is under attack from the Vorlons! It seems they have returned and decided to finally erase humanity from the stars instead of a proper welcome back party. Or perhaps this is a proper welcome back party, Vorlon style. Actually that makes sense!

As melody games go, this is a pretty good one, quick, punchy and too the point. Everything that I am not. Velocity is a fast paced dodge game, which has absolutely nothing to do with speed or velocity of any form and more to do with co-ordination and skill. You simply have to dodge stuff and move around. This perplexed and vexed me, why name the game velocity when speed has nothing to do with anything?!

Perhaps it’s my nature to over think things, so this detracted somewhat from the enjoyment of musical ensemble and overall game flow. Still the music is pretty addictive and notable, it suited the atmosphere of space nicely. I wanted more levels and perhaps more to the one level, but sadly, there is none.

So as quick games go, this is a good melody game that will easily burn a few minutes. I also liked the download option. Play Velocity here and enjoy the rhythm.


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