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Hong Kong Park

June 20, 2014

There is a free park located near central station on Hong Kong island. This is a small botanical garden with some enclosures for a few animals and a pretty epic walk through aviary. At a glance the park is small, but it is set on the side of a mountain so the walk can be very tiring, especially considering the humidity.

I compared this park to the one in Sydney, and though smaller than our Botanical Gardens, this one looks much more immaculate and precise. I encountered turtles, fish and birds, all without the need for cages or boundaries. It seems the criminal element is much more respectful here. I feel somewhat miffed that our park has no turtles like this, only eels and ducks that hiss at you.


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Moving quickly along, lest I try to steal one of the super cute turtles, I found an enclosed plant area with a regulated environment. This was so immaculately put together and the environment controlled that the maintenance cost would have been quite significant. There was even water type plants on display, with no animals in sight. This exhibit was solely for the plants! I looked around for a donation box, or some way of helping to pay for it, but the only thing I saw was a suggestion box. Naturally, I suggested they place a donation box.


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After the garden of multiple climates, I found a sweet Zen garden to explore, complete with surveillance systems in place. There is naught more calming to our souls than the knowledge that we are being monitored by a benign government entity hidden in the shadows. For our protection and safety of course, nothing more. There was a nice lookout tower at the end of it and a strange hush, that was only permeated by the muted sounds of the city.


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Finally I walked through the bird enclosure and aviary. I lost a good hour inside the aviary, just sitting there and listening to the sounds of all the birds and watching them flap around. If you stayed still for long enough, most  birds would hop on over to you and investigate. It was great fun despite the awful humidity and heat. I still can’t believe this was all free to the public, without even the request for a donation. There were some massive pigeons here, many of them in the canopy all humming together, the air was vibrating with their calls, it was a little surreal.

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I was considering buying an apartment on the peak here, but apparently the house prices here are the second highest in the world. I did some digging and a modest 4 bedroom house can go for as much as 500 million. Just a few thousand outside my own budget. Damnation.



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