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In a metropolitan jungle, the only sounds of nature are the crows

July 3, 2014

Since arriving in Tokyo almost a week ago, I’ve been in a frenzy of activity. I’ve been to so many parks and reserves, so many city streets and have taken so many photos that I had to purchase a new camera just to keep up. Ok, that’s not strictly true, I bought the new camera because it was shiny and attracted my attention with its obvious bling.

For most of my travels in Tokyo, there is one bird call that far outweighs all the others, both in frequency and volume. This call seems strangely out of place in the bustling metropolis that is Tokyo, more at home in a graveyard or eerie forest path late at night. I’m of course talking about the famous Tokyo Crow.

I’ve been doing my best to take a good picture of them, but I feel with their intelligence, I’m doing them a tremendous disservice by not feeding them and thanking them for their modelling efforts. I feel that if I started this trend, they’d respond to it quite well as they are intelligent enough to tell people apart and maintain grudges from slights for generations. If you offend one of these majestic birds, don’t be surprised if their great grand children still swoop and harass you. Their memories are their sharpest claw.

I figure if you feed them enough times, they’ll pose for your cameras. I think this is a much better solution to the current mandate of trying to eradicate them as a pest species. I’m surprised no one has tried to exploit this market as yet. If I do return here for a working holiday, I’ll have enough time to try this out for myself.


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  1. Sooooo beautiful! ! ♥♡♥

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