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Even when I’m idle, the page views aren’t

August 1, 2014

Thank the gods for automated script bots looking for a place to comment and good old akismet spam blocker to stop them. I get all the attention of being able to write something notable and worthwhile minus all the spam posts that pop up looking for free site hits. The other day, I even managed to get to 90 page views in one day, it’s a pity that there were only two referring sites and they both looked like spam magnets. Oh well, at least the machines are enjoying my ramblings.

Incidentally, I’d like to thank the random Czech Republic gambling blogs for viewing my homepage at least 50 times per day, it certainly gives me that special warm glow to know that my blog is being appreciated by spam bots all the way on the other side of the world.

That rewarding sense of accomplishment for being an idle lazy ass and not updating the blog with regular content is still appreciated, although completely undeserved. But, blogging for me is a process that ebbs and flows like the tide. I’ll go through a few weeks of hyper activity followed by a few months of nothing but pensive musings about random topics.

The trick to making it look like you’re blogging consistently is to save blog posts for later publication. I recall when I worked for a marketing company and ghost wrote a tonne of posts for later publication. This meant that after I left, they would have some content to continue posting with. However, even more satisfying was that after I left, they hadn’t bothered to put out any of the new content I’d created for them, rather instead constantly reinventing themselves as cutting edge and new age. Seriously, this company reinvented itself 5 times in the 2 years I’d worked for them.

So all my work into moving a relatively unknown “expert” into the Australian google result page one evaporated after my blog posts dried up. It was even more puzzling as to why they stopped as the “expert” was the one to constantly lecture me on the merits of regular blog posts. And what he said was true to a point, google does put weighting into blog posts that have been around longer with more content.

This is why I use suspect quotation marks when I label him an “expert”.

We always end up with the age of conundrum of quality over that of content. I find that if I break from blogging for a few weeks (or sadly months!) I’ll return to it with more interesting content and angles than before, when I’d just grind out content in an almost formulaic fashion. The well runs dry pretty quickly when you’re churning out posts a couple of times per week.

Or I could take a page from the marketing guru’s and just post a paragraph of cryptic dribble per day and let it be over analysed by the thousands of salivating new media hopefuls out there, trying to score recognition by shameless adulation and hoping for scraps from the big boys table through link backs and likes.

Screw that.

Google changes its rules every few months on how its search engine returns results. Sponsored results always come first, with the next highest being those that know how to game the system to their benefit. I have no regrets in leaving that industry, as I took with it the knowledge of who and what to avoid. Exposure is not an adequate compensation for work given, although in an increasingly hostile and competitive workplace, it seems those who can exploit others are the ones that rise to the top. I don’t really care about page-views any more, this blog exists for my own purposes of chronicling my own thoughts and ideas.

Still, it would be nice if an automated bot would post a comment that actually made sense. Just sayin’……

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